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2 braids without extensions $45


2 braids with extensions $80


4 braids without extensions $80


4 braids with extensions $120


5+ braids $90/hour

Creative braids $90/hr


Braid accessories $10


2 braids without extensions $30

2 braids with extensions $40

4 braids without extensions $60

4 braids with extensions $60


How long will it take to braid my hair?  The time it takes to braid your hair depends on the length and thickness of your natural hair and the complexity of the braid style you have chosen. Typically, 2 braids take 45 minutes to complete. 


Do you take appointments? YES, braids are by appointment only. You can book now by clicking



What colors are available for extensions? I can get any color extensions you can imagine with 5 days notice before your appointment. If you book within 5 days of your appointment date you will need to choose from the list of colors I provide below.


How much extra does it cost for the colored extensions? The extensions are $10/pk. Scroll down to view the braid color list which includes the prices.


How long do braids last? Depending on the how well you care for them and the texture of your hair braids can last between 3 and 7 days.


How should I have my hair/prepare my hair for the day of my appointment? Must ALWAYS be Dry & Knot Free (brushed). Please TRY to have it 2/3 days unwashed and hair MUST be dry. The dirtier the better ;) Braids go in a lot nicer & less fluff if your hair has some natural oil in it. 

How to maintain them? Well, if you originally come with 2-3 day old hair this helps already as the natural oil in your hair stops the hair in the braids from slipping. Do not get the braids wet (this will help the smaller hairs come out and cause the product to run). Sleeping with an after care head wrap helps as this prevents your braids rubbing on "rough" surfaces in your sleep, and lastly apply a little hair spray when you see any hairs you don't want poking out!

How long does my hair have to be to be braided? Is my hair too thick or thin to braid? There are certain styles that will compliment certain hair lengths better than others. So keep the below in mind when booking.



(Top Braids): Minimum of 3 inches long, but braids will turn out & last the best when you can lift a piece of hair from the front & it reaches to the back of the top of your head (where the braid will end).

Undercuts (side & back): Minimum of 3 inches long, but always send a photo first. 

Boxer Braids with or without extensions: Below the ear lobe. 



Thick hair clients that want extensions added, please be aware you hair is more prone to not blend as easily, especially if a blunt cut.

Thin hair clients – you have PERFECT hair for braids! YAY for thin hair! Now the thick hair people can be envious of you ;) Fine/Thin hair blends a lot easier as its easier to hide & be consumed within extensions if we add them in.

Additional questions?


 B R A I D 

 S E R V I C E S 

B R A I D  C O L O R 


Please look over the color selection and include your choice in the "notes" section when you book your appointment online. I do not stock hair at the salon. Please allow 5 days for colors to be shipped.

If you are booking less than 5 BUSINESS days before your appointment contact me for limited color selection or bring your own hair. 

Extensions are $10.00 per pack. 


Neon Yellow 


Wild Indigo

Candy Floss

Sugar Blonde 

Glow Braid-


Sparkle Braid-Aquamarine


Spring Green

Maya Blue

Bright Lilac 



Neon Rainbow

Sparkle Braid- Pink Sugar 

Electric Teal


Hot Purple

Barbie Pink 



Sparkle Braid-Firework

Sparkle Braid-


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